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We are a school family that looks out for each other and encourages our pupils to succeed with their dreams. GE is a safe and loving environment where all attendees whether young or old enjoy themselves and feel accepted regardless of their background or strength of technique in dance.


As a school our ethos is built on the ‘3Cs’: Community, Curriculum for Excellence and Christian Values and links dance to all three.


 1) Community


As a school family we seek to build a healthy community where parents and pupils all feel a part of the school. We also like to use our love of dance to make a practical difference to the community around us. Whether this is through our sponsor shows, annual community projects or fundraisers; dancing can be a wonderful experience that brings a lot of joy and freedom. GE loves to also network with other artists, organisations and charities both locally and internationally.


 2) Curriculum for Excellence


There is a big need in our Scottish education system for dance. Not simply to help children be more active, but to help build on their understanding of topics they are learning at school. As a school we go out into Primary and Secondary schools to deliver sessions to pupils that tie in with the topics they are studying. The result has been that educators are encouraging the production of a curriculum to help teachers implement dance into their lessons that tie in to learning outcomes in the CfE. We also occasionally choreograph routines in our weekly classes that tie in with what our pupils are studying at school.


3) Christian Values


GE incorporates the values of ‘Love, Respect and Serve’ into our classes so that our pupils encourage each other and see the strengths in one another. Often our pupils will watch each other and think of two strengths and one improvement point to help them spot individual gifting in each other and understanding of technique.


Our world also sadly encourages inappropriate dance routines and costumes on to children that are far too young and this has made some parents fearful in taking their child to dance classes. As a school we love our children to be children and let them enjoy the beauty of dance and bring out their own creativity and expression. We tend to sway away from using music that has lots of swearing or sensual lyrics but focus on different topics, themes and messages, sometimes issues that are impacting our world today.


The origin of Christmas and Easter are discussed in class as we feel it’s important for our pupils to know and discuss where these festivals originally came from.



If you would like to see our previous Generation Edinburgh Video, please click here.

The Team

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Miriam Whitehouse,



Miriam 'Miss M' began her dancing journey at the age of three, beginning with ballet. She trained at Jason Theatre School in Enfield, North London for 7 years before continuing her training at Katherine Kapel School of Dance, whilst also going on to obtain a high level GCSE in Contemporary at school. Miriam took part in various shows, and examinations within the I.S.T.D and U.K.A before moving onto teaching in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She has been teaching professionally since 2007, supporting her pupils in shows and examinations that have developed their skills and confidence in dance. She holds a U.K.A Associate Teaching Qualification in Tap and Jazz, an Exercise to Music Fitness Certificate, an International Instructing Certificate in Bodyjam (Les Mills), and teaching qualifications in Living Dance International in Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz, as well as Level 5 in Safe and Effective Dance Practice. Miriam studied Education at Moray House, Edinburgh University for three years and obtained a Bachelors Degree (BA) She also holds a certificate in St Andrews First Aid.Miriam loves to teach dance, a subject that she has enjoyed since she was small. Her dream is to see dance making a positive impact on the lives of her pupils within school education and also the local community.


Since launching GE in 2012, Miriam has written a tap curriculum that was launched in Toowoomba, Australia in Jan 2015.

Julie James-Griffiths,

Dance Teacher


Julia 'Miss Julie' started dancing at the age of six in a small ballet school in Tooting, London. In 2004 she moved to Scotland where she was then introduced to Contemporary Dance, as well as various other dance techniques at the Specialist Dance Unit at Broughton High School. In these early years it soon became clear that her passion was to perform and create work. In 2010 she went on to complete a BTEC in Dance at PAAS at Edinburgh's Telford College, studying ballet, jazz, contemporary and tap. She decided to specialise in Contemporary Dance which therefore led her to study for four years at The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, The Space. She graduated with a BA Honours Degree in May 2015 and is currently working as a freelance dance artist.


Over the years she has been fortunate to work with various respected companies and choreographers in Contemporary Dance both in Scotland and abroad. Locally she has worked with artists such as Fleur Darkin (Artistic Director of SDT), Matthew Robinson (Rehearsal Director of SDT), Henri Oguike, Thomas Small (former Artistic Director of Smallpetitklein) and Merav Israel, to name a few. She also has had her own work requested and performed in various festivals in Scotland such as: 100 days/100 dances Aberdeen festival, Perth Dance Festival and Edinburgh's Hidden Door Arts Festival. She worked for Smallpetitklein Dance Company as a teacher and support worker for dance classes for those aged from nursery to mid-teens. She has also worked as a support worker for Scottish Dance Theatre working with SDT's youth company and a disability/special needs class for adults.


Should you wish to know more, do visit her website jjgdance

Generation Edinbrugh Dance Genres photo tap jazz ballet contemporary nursery boys breakout bounce adult fitness

Christopher Diaz,

Breakdance Teacher


Chris has been breakdancing since 2003. He set up and directed the biggest breakdance school in the UK from 2009- 2013 with over 350 kids in attendance.


As a youth back in the day it was all about 'battles' and to this day Chris has always preached that battles are the best way forward in mastering the art form of breakdancing.


Chris has learnt over 200 moves and his teaching skills are exceptional to the point where he created the very first breakdance course in Scotland, which included examinations. This was created to build structure into the classes giving students a clearer more in depth insight of how well they are improving as they learn.


Chris has also taught in over 10 different dance schools as well as choreographed many shows.


He is proud of the students he teaches and encourages parents to participate or watch as their children develop their skills in class.


Classes are open to both girls and boys!



Having a Chaplain in a dance school is a good way of providing pupils, parents and staff with any extra support or advice needed. The role of Chaplain is described to be quite pastoral, offering general support, counsel or prayer if required. This is not a formal role at all and is somewhat similar to the Guidance/ Support areas available in schools today, but with the option of prayer or discussions of faith if required. Our Chaplain is available to chat to parents and pupils either on a Saturday each second week or via email.

Our current Chaplain role is vacant. If you are interested please have a look at our contact page, or email us if you are interested.





Additional Services

Dance Parties

Why not do something a little different this year? A brilliant add on to a theme for children’s parties, fundraisers, hen do’s or just a fun activity with friends!


Children’s Dance Parties


Let us worry about your entertainment :) All we need to know is what theme your party is, whether it is mixed gender and how many children. We will do our best to match our party choreography and games to your chosen theme. Popular themes include: Frozen, Disney, Princess and Superheros. A party full of smiles :)


A normal session includes: Greeting, Warm Up, Games, Routine, Performance, Cool Down, Prize at the end (linked to your theme)


Hour session: £100


We will try our best to suit your needs. If you require longer or have any other suggestions please contact us.


 *Max child intake = 20, please let me know if you are expecting more children.

Adult’s Dance Parties


Whether it's for a birthday, fun girls night or hen do, we will try our best to put together a session that will have you smiling and enjoying yourselves. We can do a range of dance fitness genres, musicals, retro or an upbeat number from a latest track. You won't want to miss this party!


Hour Session: £100

We will try our best to suit your needs. If you require longer or have any other suggestions please contact us


Fundraiser Events

Our school ethos is very much community based and we like to make a difference where we can. If any of the above interests you as an idea for raising funds for a charity/ ministry/ community project please get in touch. Costs for these are donation based (suggested min donation is £8 per person), with a third of the funds going to GE and two thirds going to the cause. A good opportunity to get lots of people involved and help our community!

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors support us either financially or through prayer to help provide a high quality education and support for the staff and pupils.


Prayer Sponsors

Prayer sponsors are individuals, companies and churches that take the time to pray for the pupils, their families and the staff in Generation Edinburgh on a weekly or monthly basis.


Would you like to sponsor us through prayer? Click here to send us an email.


Financial Sponsors

Our financial sponsors can differ from sponsoring us monthly to sending us an annual or occasional gift. Every penny donated goes towards the work carried out in the running of the school, helping us provide a high quality education to all.


Would you like to sponsor us financially? Click here to send us an email, or click the donate now button below. Thank you.



Sponsors Show

Generation Edinburgh aims to hold an annual Sponsors Show around Christmas time to not only allow pupils to take credit for all their hard work but to say thank you to all who support our work and sponsor us. Thank you all so much!

Useful Links

We love to support other charities, ministries, community projects and local businesses. Please have a look at our useful links  to discover other groups that could be of interest to you.


If you would like to be on your useful links page please contact us and we can discuss this with you.

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